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Big slugger Vladimir Guerrero(notes) is a free agent now and it appears that the Texas Rangers would like to bring the former Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim designated hitter to the Lone Star State, according to FOXSports.

The offense of the Rangers was significantly lower this past season than in 2008 and the team wants to boost those numbers. There have been rumors that one route toward regaining that would be to bring Milton Bradley(notes) back to the team via trade with the Chicago Cubs. But they could also up their numbers with the addition of the 34-year-old Guerrero. After all, the guy has a .394 average in 50 games at the ballpark in Arlington.

The Rangers apparently have some money woes (don't we all?) so that could make things difficult to bring Guerrero onboard. He may currently be looking to get the kind of dough Bobby Abreu(notes) got from the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim: $19 million over two years. But it is apparently more likely that he'll end up with a one-year deal worth somewhere between $3 million and $5 million. Nothing to sneeze at.

Source: FOXSports

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