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Houston Astros GM Ed Wade has a busy day planned for today. He's apparently going to be calling about 10 different people to ask them if they are interested in becoming the next manager of the Astros, according to Actually, some of those calls will be to other teams to ask permission to speak to folks on their payroll about the managerial job in Houston.

One of the ten is Astros interim manager Dave Clark, but he's an extreme longshot to end up with the job. "Hopefully, we'll get to the point to schedule interviews in the middle of next week," Wade said. "We'll try to do as many as we can here in Houston, and there may be some situations we have to travel, particularly if a guy is involved in postseason play."
Wade said the list isn't definitive and other folks could be added as the process goes forward. "Realistically, we may contact some candidates and they'll not have an interest in the job," he said.

Who wouldn't want to take over a team that ended up 17 games out of first and was only saved from being a last-place team by the existence of the Pittsburgh Pirates in its division?


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