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Alfonso Soriano

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Wearing a big protective boot over his right foot, Alfonso Soriano insisted over and over again Wednesday that the calf strain that sent him to the 15-day disabled list was not a byproduct of the hop he makes while catching fly balls the Chicago Tribune reported.

Soriano said he first felt the calf problem a little in Pittsburgh last week. But the off-day on Tuesday in Pittsburgh made him "confident" it was not a big deal, so he didn't seek any treatment. It wasn't a big deal, at least not until Soriano landed awkwardly after coming down from the hop during his catch of Ken Griffey Jr.'s first inning fly ball on Tuesday night. Now he'll be out of action until the first week of May.

"No, no, no, it's not because of the hop," he repeated. "I had felt it before and I felt it last week and didn't take care of it then. It was not because of the jump."

Source: Chicago Tribune

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