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Joe Torre spent the final three years of his long managerial career with the Los Angeles Dodgers and proved his success with the New York Yankees wasn't a fluke by leading his team to two National League West titles.

Now an executive of Major League Baseball, Torre is saying that commissioner Bud Selig "conferred with him" before taking over operations of the Dodgers, according to

"I'm glad it is tended to, paid attention to, and I know it wasn't easy for the commissioner to come down with the decision that he did," Torre said Thursday, the site reports. "He's given it a lot of thought. I know that, because we've conferred a time or two. Hopefully when it's all said and done, we have a healthy franchise out there. He certainly conferred with me on what he was thinking, and how he was thinking about the franchise in Los Angeles, and he felt it should be on more solid footing, basically."

Torre declined to talk about his time with the Dodgers and whether Dodgers owner Frank McCourt would sue the league or not, the site reports.

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