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Free agent Mariano Rivera(notes) made $15 million last season and is going to get a raise next year. The Toronto Sun reports that the New York Yankees closer is closing in on a deal that will pay him $17 million next year.

The 41-year-old Rivera would like a two-year contract, but the Yanks only want to guarantee one year, according to the Sun. But the two sides are ironing things out.

Meanwhile, the Yankees and free-agent shortstop Derek Jeter(notes) remain far apart. Jeter would like the team to sign him for six seasons for around $23 million annually while the Yankees have a three-year, $45 million offer on the table, according to the Sun. A baseball-executive source told the paper Jeter would only get a two-year deal for about $10 million annually if he took his services elsewhere.

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Source: Toronto Sun

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