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With Tom Cable coaching the Oakland Raiders, there isn't much reason for quarterback JaMarcus Russell to even show up these days. Cable is no a huge fan, which is why he benched the guy after nine games and let him not attend the team's final team meeting due to "personal reasons."

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, those reasons must have included gambling in Las Vegas because it's looking like that's where the quarterback was when the meeting took place. The big problem? Team owner Al Davis really, really likes the former overall No. 1 pick and wants Cable to be patient and wait for Russell to get his act together.

Cable and Davis will no doubt discuss the issue extensively next week when they meet to discuss the team's future. Cable supposedly wants to get rid of Russell and one thing that may help him convince Davis is that it was a teammate that turned in Russell's whereabouts, a signal that Russell doesn't even have the support of his fellow warriors in the trenches.

Source: San Francisco Chronicle

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