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Plenty of teams would love to have free agent first baseman Prince Fielder(notes) on their roster, but Fox Sports has it that if they are west of the Mississippi River, they are likely out of luck.

The site notes that the expectation is that Albert Pujols(notes) will sign a new contract before Fielder does and it will most likely be with the St. Louis Cardinals but that Fielder will attempt to get more dollars than Pujols does because he is four years younger.

"At this point, Fielder has more suitors than Pujols, and the Cardinals aren't believed to be among them," the site notes. The teams after Fielder right now, according to Fox, are the Washington Nationals, Chicago Cubs, Seattle Mariners, Texas Rangers, Toronto Blue Jays, and his former employer, the Milwaukee Brewers. Fielder would like to play for a team east of the Mississippi that will contend in 2012, the site notes, which eliminates the Mariners and likely the Cubs.

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Source: Fox Sports

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