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Chase Utley(notes) hasn't played in a game this spring due to a seriously hurting knee, and it isn't clear when the Philadelphia Phillies' 32-year-old five-time All-Star will return to the lineup. reports that Utley's knee hasn't responded to the cortisone shot he had last weekend and that Phillies scout Charley Kerfeld was keeping his eyes on the Texas Rangers. He "was believed to be looking at Michael Young(notes), but the Phillies hadn't called the Rangers" about Young as of Wednesday morning, the site notes.

Meanwhile, the Philadelphia Daily News reports that Phillies manager Charlie Manuel said Wednesday, "I'm more concerned than I was a week ago.'' And reports that Manuel spoke extensively with Detroit Tigers third baseman Brandon Inge(notes) about the patellar tendinitis he suffered through the 2009 season with. Inge told CBS that he was planning to call Utley to talk to him directly about it.

The Phils are trying to find ways to fix up Utley without surgery. "There is no timetable,'' Utley said, according to the Daily News. "We're not going to look for the short-term solution. I want to be smart about this and realize that I have three years left on this contract to fulfill.''

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Source: SI.comPhiladelphia Daily News

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