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Philadelphia Phillies reliever Chan Ho Park(notes) is currently hurt, but there is a rumor going around that the Phils are hoping to try him at closer when he heals up. The same is likely true for Brett Myers(notes), who spent a season as a closer but is still not fully healthy.

Of course the Phillies are probably ready to try anyone at closer right now. Coming up on the postseason, the offense seems to be clicking fairly well, the starting pitching is delivering, and the bullpen is imploding. Closer Brad Lidge(notes) has blown more games than Wild Thing Mitch Williams did back in 1993 and setup man Ryan Madson(notes) also can't seem to keep opponents off the basepaths in the late innings. Last night Chad Condrey got put in when the ninth inning got underway and promptly gave up two runs while finishing off a 9-4 victory against the Milwaukee Brewers.

So there is word that the team may want to try Park, Myers, or Tyler Walker(notes) in the closer's role, but it's getting awfully late in the season to audition folks for jobs.

Source: ESPN

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