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The Washington Nationals didn't exactly give Manager Jim Riggleman a great start to his 2010 season when the team lost 11-1 to the Philadelphia Phillies on Monday. It could be a long season for Riggleman. He's got two years on his contract, but the word is that the Nationals have set things up so that this might be Riggleman's only full season in D.C., according to the Washington Post.

Obviously, hope springs eternal and the team is still thinking it could surprise a few people this year but if it doesn't, Riggleman will likely be out at season's end because it would be so inexpensive to do that. Riggleman is set to make $600,000 this year, which is at the low end of the managerial pay scale, and the team has a $100,000 buyout at season's end. Even if he ends up making $700,000 for this season, Riggleman is still not getting paid that much relative to other managers.

Riggleman, a D.C. area native, would like to be the guy who turns this franchise around, of course, but that isn't really expected to happen.

GM Mike Rizzo, though, sees Riggleman as part of the future. "We hired a manager last year to take us through these years and work us through being where we were in '09 to someday being a championship-caliber club," he told the Post. "He's the guy that we hired to take us to that level. We wanted the best guy available for now and for the future."

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Source: Washington Post

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