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Now that the New York Mets have added some offensive power in the form of Jason Bay(notes) for at least the next four years, the front-office folks in Queens are apparently spending a good chunk of energy on figuring out who will be in the pitching rotation this year.

Two of the names that have come up often are supposedly Ben Sheets(notes) and Joel Pineiro(notes). Sports Illustrated is reporting that the team has "debated" making Pineiro an offer of two years. Rumor has it that Pineiro wants something more like what Randy Wolf(notes) got from the Milwaukee Brewers: three years and $29.75 million.

Pineiro is coming off his best season in many years, posting a record of 15-12 and 105 strikeouts for the St. Louis Cardinals. Wolf went 11-7 last year with 160 strikeouts for the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Source: ESPN

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