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Hurler Brett Myers(notes) is having a decent season for the Houston Astros with a record of 6-6, 89 strikeouts and an ERA of 3.41.

With the Astros clearly out of the running for postseason play this year, the team will likely be dealing any contracts that are expiring or can inexpensively be bought out. Myers is one of those. He has a mutual option for $8 million in salary next year, but $2 million will buy it out. ESPN reports that the New York Mets "are considering" Myers as a trade option.

It makes sense since Myers has something else that a lot of other pitchers on the market don't have: intimate knowledge of a National League East rival. Myers pitched for the Philadelphia Phillies for eight seasons and was unhappy about being removed from the roster before the NL Championship Series last year, though he did get to pitch in the World Series. Unfortunately for him, he didn't bring it in his one inning of work in the Series, allowing an earned run, and the team decided not to re-sign him.

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Source: ESPN

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