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The San Francisco Giants supposedly offered ace pitcher Tim Lincecum(notes) a three-year deal yesterday for $37 million, but it's looking the player is going to go ahead and go into the arbitration hearing today and see if he can get $13 million for the coming season, according to

The deal supposedly has payouts of $9 million this year, $12.5 million next year, and $15 million in two years. Lincecum believes he's worth more than that. He wants $13 million this year and the Giants originally put in $8 million as its offer in arbitration. After all, he's the two-time National League Cy Young winner. His reps supposedly kept coming back to the Giants with a counter offer worth more than $40 million.

Guess the fact that Giants' managing partner Bill Neukom, showed up at Lincecum's pot-possession hearing isn't counting for much right now. It is still possible that a deal will be reached before the two sides need to go into the arbitrator's office and snipe at each other.

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