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The Philadelphia Phillies don't want to go through another season with an unreliable closer like they did with Brad Lidge(notes) last year (though if it means winning another National League championship, that would probably be a deal they'd be willing to take). But you can be sure Lidge wants to be better this time around, too.

Right now he's sitting on the disabled list where he can't do any damage one way or the other. But according to the Philadelphia Inquirer, Lidge could be back on the mound by the end of the month. Returning from surgery on an injured knee and elbow, he threw 25 pitches in the bullpen Sunday.

Guess that cortisone shot he had last Wednesday is working. He can come off the DL after the first week of the season but is expected to take until the end of the month before getting into games at Citizens Bank Park.

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Source: Philadelphia Inquirer

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