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Detroit Tigers pitchers Justin Verlander(notes) and Rick Porcello(notes) were both thrown out of the game in the eighth inning Tuesday when they argued with the umpire. This prompted Tigers manager Jim Leyland to say that tensions in general between the umps and everybody else in the league are way too high.

"The tension level is much more than it should be," Leyland said, according to the Detroit Free Press. "For the better of the game, something has to happen to tone this stuff down a little bit. All of us have to work harder to somehow ease this tension."

Leyland went on to say that he doesn't want his team to make excuses or blame the umps for things. "We can't blame an umpire instead of taking care of our business -- getting hits, knocking people in, making plays -- just because we felt we had a call go against us," Leyland said, the paper reports.

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Source: Detroit Free Press

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