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Tampa Bay Rays All-Star outfielder Carl Crawford(notes), a free agent at season's end, was given a subtle sales pitch to join the Angels next season by fellow All-Star, Angels outfielder Torri Hunter, according to the Los Angeles Times.

"I've been playing eight years, so I know how nice it is here," Crawford told the Times at the All-Star game in Anaheim on Tuesday night. "Torii just kind of reminds me sometimes."

Hunter claims he's not tampering, but somehow he and Crawford ended up with lockers next to each other for the All-Star game. "He's just a good friend — I just give him good advice," Hunter told the Times. "I was a free agent once. I told him to have fun with it. It's like being recruited in high school ... it's not tampering, is it? Not for we players... I'm pretty sure he'll stay in Tampa Bay, but he has the right to flirt with other teams."

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Source: Los Angeles Times

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