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Now that the San Francisco Giants have finally won a World Series on the arms of Tim Lincecum(notes), Matt Cain(notes), Jonathan Sanchez(notes), and Madison Bumgarner(notes), what use could the team have for left-hander Barry Zito(notes) and the remaining three years of his $126 million deal? After all, the former Cy Young winner didn't even make it onto the team's World Series roster.

But Giants GM Brian Sabean tells the Los Angeles Times that he doesn't plan on trading Zito this offseason. "We like Barry's contribution as far as the innings he pitches and the starts he makes," Sabean said.

Zito pitched 199.1 innings this season and struck out 150 batters. His ERA was 4.25 for the season but 6.14 in August and September.

Meanwhile, AOL FanHouse has it that the Giants plan to give lefty reliever Dan Runzler(notes) a chance to move out of the bullpen next season and into the starting rotation.

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Source: Los Angeles TimesAOL FanHouse

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