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Don't tell ''Mr. Cub'' he can't be a parent at his age. Cubs Hall of Famer Ernie Banks, 77, and wife Liz, 52, adopted a baby girl last Saturday, two days after she was born under the direction of a midwife in Los Angeles. The Bankses have named her Alyna Olivia Banks and are the happiest senior couple you'll find this side of a Geritol ad.

''This fulfills a dream of a lifetime for me because it's my first baby,'' Liz Banks said in an exclusive interview with the Sun-Times, which broke the story Thursday in Stella Foster's column in the Chicago Sun-Times. 'Ernie once had twin sons and also has grandchildren 5 and 18 years old. So this is nothing strange or difficult for him, while it's pure joy for me,'' she said.

The Bankses met on a blind date and have been married 11 years.

Are they too old to be parents? Liz Banks doesn't think so.

''As long as you have the love and the energy to do it, why not?'' she said. ''I'm certainly up for it. And nobody believes that Ernie is a pair of sevens. He has just as much energy and enthusiasm for life as he did when he first started his Cub career. He's just a great ambassador of life. And the joy he can give to a young child is just going to be wonderful.''

Source: Sun-Times

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