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The Los Angeles Dodgers are hurting on the pitching front. And they've gotta be to be considering the addition of either John Smoltz(notes), who the Red Sox basically tossed off the team last week, or Vicente Padilla(notes), who the Rangers designated for assignment on Friday, according to the Los Angeles Times.

The Dodgers need a fifth starter since Chad Billingsley(notes) isn't at full strength. Padilla is actually 8-6 in 18 starts this year, but the fact that he either came to meetings late or didn't show up to them must have rankled Rangers coaches and front-office folks enough to go ahead and send him packing. Padilla's habit of throwing at players on the other team also reportedly didn't sit well with teammates who then got thrown at.

According to ESPN, the Dodgers aren't the only team who are interested in Smoltz. The Rangers may want him to fill the new Padilla hole on the roster, and there other National League teams that apparently have some interest in the former All-Star.

Source: Los Angeles

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