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Matt Holliday(notes) and his family rented a house in Laguna Beach, Calif. last winter and loved it. Could the Holliday family make a the move to Orange County for good in the near future?

According to the Los Angeles Times, Holliday has interest in the Los Angeles Angels. The question: Do the Angels have interest in Holliday?

The Times reported that if Jason Bay(notes) stays with the Boston Red Sox, Holliday would be the best outfielder available in free agency, the one acquisition that would allow the Angels to bid farewell to Vladimir Guerrero(notes) without too much of a fuss.

"I obviously enjoy Southern California," Holliday said. "They're a winning franchise. It's a great place to live. Every guy would be interested in playing for an organization like that."

Beyond that, who knows? Holliday is represented by Scott Boras, whose habit of long-playing negotiations clashes with the quick-strike style of Angels owner Arte Moreno. The Mark Teixeira(notes) sweepstakes, conducted by Boras, left Moreno with a bitter aftertaste.

Source: Los Angeles Times

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