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Shawn Chacon

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Shawn Chacon's bosses wanted to see him. In the office of Astros manager Cecil Cooper. Immediately. Chacon didn't want to go into the office, didn't want to hear what Cooper and general manager Ed Wade had to say. Chacon wanted to sit in the clubhouse dining room and eat in peace.

The Astros agreed to pay Chacon $2 million this season, and there are no incentive clauses in his contract for accepting invitations to appear in the manager's office. Apparently, it never occurred to anybody that such a thing could possibly be above and beyond the call of workplace duty.

That led to a confrontation Wednesday in which Chacon, by his own admission, literally tried to wring Wade's neck according to the Houston Chronicle.

Wade had the nerve to suggest — a tad indelicately, perhaps — that Chacon take a good look in the mirror. Well, no wonder Chacon couldn't stand there calmly and take that.

If you were Shawn Anthony Chacon, and you'd pitched your way into a demotion on a pitching-starved team, and you'd somehow developed a misguided sense of entitlement that caused you to think you deserved the job security of a Supreme Court justice, would you really want to look yourself in the mirror?

Chacon has wanted out of Houston desperately since the Astros made the decision Sunday to move him from the starting rotation. Well, Chacon got what he wanted shortly before a 3-2 defeat against the Texas Rangers.

He might be a little more careful what he wishes for in the future. The Astros suspended Chacon "indefinitely" after he admitted he attacked Wade during an argument shortly after batting practice. In what may have been Chacon's last act as a big leaguer, he went Latrell Sprewell on his boss.

Source: Houston Chronicle

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