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Houston Astros shortstop Clint Barmes(notes) has been in the league since Sept. 5, 2003 when he made his debut for the Colorado Rockies. In all that time, he's never been a free agent. This offseason, he'll finally get his chance.

But it doesn't sound like he'll be on the market for too long.

"I'd love to come back here, but I haven't put a whole lot of thought into that yet," Barmes said, according to "Coming up to the offseason, I haven't talked to my agent much about that at all to even know what other options there even are. There's going to be a lot of changes [with the Astros] and a lot of things going on, which is another reason nobody knows what direction it's going to head."

One position Astros general manager Ed Wade doesn't want to change is shortstop, the site reports. Wade wouldn't trade Barmes at the July 31 deadline and has told him he wants back in the lineup next year, according to

"That's stuff he didn't have to say," the 32-year-old Barmes said, the site reports. "He didn't have to tell me that. I think that definitely means a lot to me. It shows definitely how much he thinks of me being a part of all this. It meant a lot coming from him, and I definitely would like to be a part of what they have going on. It's going to be an interesting offseason, and I'm excited about that."

Barmes, who is making $3.925 million this season, was traded to the Astros last offseason after spending his whole career with the Rockies. He broke his hand in spring training but that hasn't stopped him from being one of the league's top defensive shortstops. He's also hitting .243 with nine homers and 29 RBIs.

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