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The New York Yankees were supposedly thinking they could sign Hideki Matsui(notes) to be their designated hitter if negotiations with Johnny Damon(notes) don't work out but it's looking like that backup plan isn't going to work out. The New York Times is reporting that the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim have gotten Matsui, the 2009 World Series MVP, to sign on the dotted line for a one-year deal.

Matsui will supposedly get paid $6.5 million to move to Anaheim and be the main designated hitter, which means the little chance Vladimir Guerrero(notes) was going to be re-signed by the Angels has now dwindled down to absolutely no chance.

Matsui had 90 RBIs and 28 homers last year for the Yanks and comes to a team that was really hoping to re-sign John Lackey(notes) or pull off a deal for Roy Halladay(notes). So he probably feels a little bit of a consolation prize today for team owner Arte Moreno.

Source: New York Times

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