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Going. Going. Gone, goodbye. Nice of the Arizona Diamondbacks to officially eliminate themselves Thursday in St. Louis — given the fact they've been killing themselves all season. To lose an awful division to the injury-riddled Dodgers, even after the addition of Manny Ramirez, is more than an isolated, wasted opportunity. For all the optimism last season and the first few months of last season produced, this is no longer a team on the rise.

At second base, Orlando Hudson is expected to move on. His heir apparent, Emilio Bonifacio, was shipped to Washington for Jon Rauch, the human torch, who is owed $2 million next year. David Eckstein did nothing to make you think he'll be back. Adam Dunn won't be back. What do you do with Chad Tracy?

What do you do with Mark Reynolds, who produces offensively but has struck out 201 times and committed 34 errors? Can you continue to put up with the bad for the good?

Eric Byrnes has a no-trade contract and said on his own radio show last week that he's not going anywhere. Does that send Conor Jackson back to first base, or does it force a trade for more power?

Chris Young isn't a leadoff hitter and didn't step forward at all this year. Stephen Drew isn't a leadoff hitter either, but was magnificent in the second half of the season and, along with Chris Snyder, was the brightest light among the position players. Justin Upton's season was a waste from a progress standpoint, although the final month was a confidence builder.

Other than that nasty hiccup in late August/early September, the starting pitching was good enough to win, and could be better if Max Scherzer steps into the rotation.

Source: East Valley Tribune

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