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The Oakland Athletics would apparently love to add Ben Sheets(notes) to the 2010 rotation, according to ESPN.

Sheets took 2009 off due to injuries but showed the world that he could still hurl a fastball last week when it seemed like half the league sent reps to Louisiana to see him in action.

The word is that Sheets is looking for $8 million in 2010. It's not clear if A's GM Billy Beane would shell out that much cash (it's doubtful) but it does appear that Beane is working hard to try and get Sheets to come to the Bay Area.

If Beane can't get Sheets, the scuttlebutt is that he will use that money to sign an outfielder such as New York Yankees reject Johnny Damon(notes), who has to be starting to feel slightly desperate for a job.

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Source: ESPN

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