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A sad-sack history: The Half-Dozen 'Cubbiest' Moments Ever
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FILE - In this Oct. 16, 2003, file photo, Sam Sianis, owner of the Billy Goat Tavern in Chicago, sits with his billy goat in the tavern. The fans packing Wrigley Field on Oct. 6, 1945 couldn't have known what they were getting into. The Cubs were in the middle of their last World Series appearance when local restauranteur William Sianis, Sam's uncle, and his pet goat, a stray who wandered into his bar, were taking in the game from $7.20 box seats when it began to rain. Nearby fans began to complain about the odor until then-Cubs boss P.K. Wrigley took it upon himself to step in and banish both from the park. "The Cubs ain't gonna win no more!" Sianis howled as he and "Billy" were escorted out and despite being up two games to one against the Detroit Tigers at that moment, he turned out to be right. (AP Photo/Steve Matteo, File)

Prev 1 of 100 A sad-sack history: The Half-Dozen 'Cubbiest'…

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