Recommendations from the Mitchell Report

Recommendations from the Mitchell Report
By Yahoo! Sports Staff
December 13, 2007

Recommendations from the Mitchell Report

For Further Improvement of the Joint Drug Prevention and Treatment Program:

1. The Program Should Be Independent

2. The Program Should Be Transparent

3. There Should Be Adequate Year-Round, Unannounced Drug Testing

4. The Program Should Be Flexible Enough to Employ Best Practices as They Develop

5. The Program Should Continue to Respect the Legitimate Rights of Players

6. The Program Should Have Adequate Funding

Additional Recommendations

1. The Commissioner Should Establish a Department of Investigations.

2. The Commissioner’s Office Should More Effectively Cooperate with Law Enforcement Agencies.

3. The Commissioner’s Office Should Actively Use the Clubs’ Powers, as Employer, to Investigate Violations of the Joint Program.

4. All Clubs Should Have Clear, Written, and Well-Publicized Policies for Reporting Information Relating to Possible Performance Enhancing Substance Violations.

5. Logging Packages Sent to Players at Major League Ballparks.

6. Background Investigations of Prospective Clubhouse Personnel.

7. Random Drug Testing of Clubhouse Personnel.

8. Hot Line for Reporting Anonymous Tips.

9. The Top Draft Prospects Should Be Tested Prior to the Major League Draft.

10. Educational and Related Recommendations to Decrease Use of Performance Enhancing Substances.

11. The Design and Implementation of the Educational Program Should Be Centralized with the Independent Program Administrator.

12. Spring Training Programs Should Include Testimonials and Other Speakers and Presentations.

13. Explain the Health Risks in Context and Provide Education on Alternative Methods to Achieve the Same Results. 14. Players Need to Understand the Non-Health Effects of Buying Performance Enhancing Substances from Street Dealers and Internet Pharmacies.

15. Prominently Display Posters About Performance Enhancing Substance Use Prevention.

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