Video shows Dodgers beating victim Bryan Stow taunting fans: A fan’s reaction

As a Los Angeles Dodgers fan, the beating of San Francisco Giants fan Bryan Stow in the parking lot of Dodger Stadium after the opening day game is an embarrassment for fans, like me, our city and for the team. My thoughts and prayers go out to the Stow family.

MLB baseball.

However, as someone who goes to Dodger games and knows how the streets work, I wonder about the events leading up to the beating. Nothing Stow did or said can justify what happened to him, but I wonder if his actions or speech did put him in an at-risk situation.

A new video of Bryan Stow at that opening day game has been shown on TMZ, showing Stow taunting Dodgers fans. The video shows Stow at the game, in a verbal confrontation with a Dodger fan who confronted him, peacefully, about his smack talking.

After the video was shown, the Dodger fan in the video has told friends that Stow was indeed talking smack about the Dodgers, saying he would "rather eat feces than a Dodger dog." The video shows the Dodger fan confronting Stow, telling him he crossed the line in his comments.

The Dodger fan, Juan Banda, also said Stow was with a group of friends, who tried to "excuse his words." Banda wondered where those friends were when the beating happened.

In response to the TMZ posting, Stow's family has let them know they are not happy and that Stow is "not a violent person" and that nothing he would have done would justify the beating.

Since I've written extensively about this subject, I've been sent some emails referring me to specific court cases involving Bryan Stow. One claims to show Stow has a domestic violence case against him, which may be why he's always referred to as a single parent. Separate court filings appear to show Stow has also been convicted of drug possession and driving under the influence. So it appears to me that he's no angel. Why is it so hard to believe this guy may have been drinking, like so many other fans, and talked smack to the wrong people.

I don't think it justifies the beating, nor do I think those responsible should get any less punishment. But I do think it needs to be discussed and there are life lessons that can be learned by all of us from this incident.

F. Michael Sherman grew up in Philadelphia, which didn't make being a Los Angeles Dodgers fan easy. He has lived in Los Angeles for twenty years, now able to follow the Dodgers openly and attends games frequently. You can follow him on Twitter -@thefredsherman.

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Updated Wednesday, Jun 29, 2011