Dodger Stadium beating suspect sent to prison: A fan’s reaction

The suspect accused of and arrested for the beating of San Francisco Giants fan Bryan Stow has been ordered to serve 10 months in prison.

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While that might seem like a swift execution of justice, Giovanni Ramirez was actually returned to prison for something unrelated to the Dodger Stadium beating, a parole violation. A gun was found in the apartment where Ramirez was staying when police served a search warrant for the Dodgers' beating case.

As a Los Angeles Dodgers fan and a supporter of the Los Angeles Police Department, I want them to find the responsible parties, but I also don't want to see an innocent man be charged with something he didn't do, while the real guilty party escapes justice. I know the department, specifically the detectives assigned to the case, have been working diligiently to solve the crime. However, it seems they did not want or plan the arrest to be publicized, and this changed everything, forcing their hand.

As I have written, (No charges filed yet against suspect in Bryan Stow beating: a fan's reaction) the suspect has done everything an innocent person would do, providing a solid alibi, multiple witnesses and even having his young daughter speak with detectives.

Parole is a privilege for prisoners to be able to be released from prison early, and the conditions are appropriately strict. They are created to see if the offender can follow rules; the slightest violation usually does mean a return to prison.

Parolees are not allowed to be anywhere near firearms; it seems a gun was hidden in the laundry basket of the apartment where Ramierez was staying. The gun doesn't have to be his, or in his possession, or for him to even have any knowledge of it, but it's still a violation of his parole. Ramirez's attorneys have said he had no knowledge of the weapon and therefore it should not be a violation.

The decision does buy some time for the LAPD, who can now continue their investigation. Had they just arrested Ramirez on the beating charge, they have a limited time in which they can charge him, or would have had to let him go.

On behalf of myself and other true blue Dodger fans, my heart goes out to the family of Dodger Stadium beating victim Bryan Stow, who remains hospitalized and has been since the March 30 beating. Stow was attacked in the parking lot of Dodger Stadium after the opening day game between the Dodgers and the San Francisco Giants.

F. Michael Sherman grew up in Philadelphia, which didn't make being a Los Angeles Dodgers fan easy. He has lived in Los Angeles for twenty years, now able to follow the Dodgers openly and attends games frequently. You can follow him on Twitter -@thefredsherman.


Andrew Blankstein "Suspect in Bryan Stow beating ordered to serve 10 months for parole violation" Los Angeles Times via

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Updated Wednesday, Jun 22, 2011