Worst months in MLB history

The Florida Marlins were swept by the Tampa Bay Rays on Sunday, June 19. The loss dropped the Marlins to 1-18 in the month of June. After a hot start to the year, the 2011 season has imploded for the Marlins. In fact, things are so bad that the Marlins are facing one of the worst months in the history of baseball. At 1-18, the Marlins have a .053 winning percentage for the month so far and now their manager is gone. Only the 1988 Orioles have a worse winning percentage this far into a month. Here are the five worst months in the history of baseball besides the Marlins in June 2011.

1. 1988 Baltimore Orioles

The Orioles went 1-22 in April. They started the season 0-21, by far the worst start in the history baseball. Their first win in the month came on April 29, but they lost the next day. Baltimore never fully recovered from that awful start, finishing the season with a 54-107 record. Their longest winning streak on the season was a mere four games.

2. 1916 Philadelphia Athletics

Under Connie Mack, the A's had some great years. But there were also some terrible ones. That was the case in 1916. The A's went a stunning 2-28 in the month of July, a .067 winning percentage. The A's had multiple double digit losing streaks, including one that went 20 games in July and August. They finished the season with a 36-117 record.

3. 1982 Minnesota Twins

The 1982 Twins went 60-102, which is bad but not historically bad. However, they did go 3-26 in the month of May. That amounts to a .103 winning percentage. The Twins entered May at 9-13 and left it at 12-39, effectively killing their season. Their last win in the month came on May 18.

4. 1943 Philadelphia Athletics

Nearly 30 years after the disastrous 1916 season, Connie Mack was still running the Athletics. This season wasn't as bad, but it was still terrible. The A's finished with a record of 49-105. The A's were 27-26 at one point, but the season started to fall apart in July. In August, things got real bad. Philadelphia finished the month with a 3-26 record. That included a 20 game winning streak within the month that dropped them from 40-58 to 40-78.

5. 1972 Texas Rangers

The legendary Ted Williams was the manager of the Rangers at this time. His playing magic did them no favors here. The Rangers finished the season 54-100. They were a typical bad team until September, when things turned real ugly. The Rangers went 3-23 in the month, a winning percentage of .115. Their last win in the month game on September 12.

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Updated Monday, Jun 20, 2011