Some of my favorite former Braves: Where are they now?

Being an Atlanta Braves fan since 1990 when I was just 5 years old, there are plenty of Braves who I was a big fan of that left. David Justice comes to mind right away. Almost all of those former Braves from the mid-90s are gone into the sunset, but there are some fresher former talents still playing in the big leagues today.

What are they up to so far in the 2011 season?

Jeff Francoeur(notes), Kansas City Royals

Entering play on April 19, Francoeur seems to have revitalized his career with the Royals. He was hitting .328 with two home runs and 11 RBIs. It's early, but it's a big change from his past couple of seasons. He's showing he can still steal bases when he wants as well. If he could play center field, I'd love to have him back in Atlanta.

Wilson Betemit(notes), Kansas City Royals

Also playing a role in the Royals early success this season, Betemit was hitting .368 with a home run and nine RBIs. He is still striking out a lot (11 Ks in 38 at-bats), but if he continues to swing the bat as he has in recent weeks, he might have the best season of his career.

Derrek Lee(notes), Baltimore Orioles

After spending a couple of sub-par months with the Braves a year ago, Lee has brought his poor hitting to the American League. He was hitting just .204 with one home run and two RBIs. Lee has been a big part of the Orioles' recent struggles after a nice start.

Omar Infante(notes), Florida Marlins

One of the players who had the biggest impact on the 2010 Braves squad isn't doing so well with the division rival Marlins. Infante was hitting just .206 with just four RBIs. He hasn't been as patient at the plate as he was a year ago with the Braves and that has hurt his stats.

Matt Diaz(notes), Pittsburgh Pirates

When I went to Citi Field a year ago, Diaz became my favorite player. He was a personable guy and my friends and I were all upset to see him leave in the off-season. This season, Diaz has seen limited playing time appearing in just 12 games. He was hitting .250 with four RBIs and hasn't drawn a walk yet. I'd still like to have him in Atlanta, but hope the best for him.

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Updated Wednesday, Apr 20, 2011