O’s fan: Best stadium food for fans at Camden Yards

The experience of going to a Major League Baseball game is not complete without stadium food. A hot dog will never taste as good as it does on a summer day watching a big league game.

In Baltimore, Orioles Park at Camden Yards offer traditional stadium fare. They even offer Maryland Crab cakes, which are not traditional stadium food but a Chesapeake Bay tradition.

The best food at a Baltimore Orioles game is at Boog's Barbeque. An Italian Sausage is a great alternative to a hot dog. The vendors outside the stadium offer some bargain snacks.

Boog's Barbeque
Boog's Barbeque located behind the center field bleachers is the pace to find a meal at Camden Yards. Choices rang from barbeque beef or pork, sandwiches or platters. Yes, stadium food is pricier and a meal from Boog's will cost you $10-$15.

However, it is so much more satisfying than hot dogs, nachos, or other stadium fare. One gets more for their money at Boog's compared to the other eating choices inside the stadium.

Italian Sausages
Yes, there is no better place to eat a hot dog than at a baseball game. A hot dog at Orioles Park will cost $4. They can be purchased from vendors walking through the stadium or from concession stands. However, $2 more and one can upgrade to an Italian sausage. The sausage offers a more satisfying meal or snack. Sausages are served plain or with grilled peppers and onions.

Add an ice cold beverage and one is set to enjoy the game.

Street Vendor
One can bring in snacks, water and soda purchased right outside the stadium from vendors. These products can be brought inside the stadium and one will pay a fraction of the price outside. The selection is often better outside the stadium as well. Peanuts, cashews, and pistachios are a few of the snack items available for just a few dollars. Bottled water is great for $2, especially after a long walk across the parking lot on a hot summer day.

Inside the stadium one will likely pay twice as much for water and soda. The street vendors do not sell beer. However, a nearby watering hole might be a more economical choice for a beer. Inside the stadium beers will run at least $8. If you have a long trip home a cold soda could be just the thing.

Vendors often charge less at the end of the game.

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Updated Thursday, Mar 24, 2011