Youth baseball: Five fielding and batting gloves for Little League and tee ball players

Baseball gloves for children come in a large variety of sizes just as their adult counterparts. No matter the size of your child's hand, their baseball skill level or their outfield position, there is a glove waiting for them.

The Louisville Slugger Genesis 1884 9" Fielding Glove Youth
The Louisville Slugger 9" fielding glove is particularly well-suited for small players. While the glove may not fit the tiniest t-ball players, average or larger size outfielders will find the glove a good fit. The glove has a leather palm coupled with a lightweight nylon mesh back that closes easily without requiring a break-in period.

The 9" slugger sells for $19.95 on Paragon.

Nike Diamond Elite Edge Kids' Baseball Batting Gloves
At an even $20, the Nike Diamon Elite batting gloves are a practical price match with Louisville slugger outfield gloves while being suited to a completely different purpose. The gloves can be purchased directly from Nike or at a sport's store with a main color of either white or black. The leather palms will help your child grip the bat while the Velcro closure keeps the glove secure.

Mizuno Prospect Series 10.5" Utility Baseball Glove Youth
For the child who requires a larger glove, the Mizuno Prospect 10.5" is a solid alternative at $29.99. It features PowerClose technology to help less skilled players close the glove and hold on to their prize catch. A built-in palm pad also helps protect from the shock of the ball impacting the glove.

The Prospect Series is also carried by Paragon Sports.

Wilson MLB Custom Series A200 DW9-MLB 9 inch Youth Baseball Glove
For the player who wants an official Major League Baseball glove, Wilson has a 9.5-inch option available for only $15. The Wilson brand is carried at HRSI, major sporting stores and at many mass merchandisers such as Wal-Mart. Your player can use the included decals to customize the glove to reflect your family's team loyalty.

The glove is also easy to close and naturally "broken" to allow for instant game play.

Franklin Phenom Batting Gloves
Big Kids Foot Locker is just one store that carries the Franklin Phenom batting gloves for big kids. These gloves run $19.99 and are available in small, medium and large sizes to allow for the best fit possible. Royal blue, navy, red and black color availability may allow your child to wear their team colors while batting!

The Phenom features inserts that allow for greater flexibility in the fingers to ensure that the glove enhances the batting practice instead of inhibiting it.

Franklin 10" Fielding Glove
When you have a child already skilled at playing baseball and ready to use a classic looking outfield glove, the Franklin 10" is black and tan which lends it a traditional look obscured by the "bonus features" present in many children's gloves. The glove has a contoured fit, a Velcro wrist and is exquisitely contoured while still being ready to play.

This glove is carried at Boscov's Department Store and at most sporting retailers that carry the Franklin line. It would make an excellent beginning or end of season reward!

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Updated Friday, Mar 11, 2011