Fan’s take: The wearing of the green on St. Patrick’s Day

Like the Boston Red Sox, the St. Louis Cardinals have used the color green in their uniforms on St. Patrick's Day. Major League Baseball even has a site where fans can go and purchase various Cardinal items in green. Fans, that want to celebrate St. Patrick's Day, can select not only from the Cardinals but from all teams.

The Red Sox have long been a user of the color green. Boston was once a major city that had lots of Irish immigrants.The Boston Marathon is also held on this day. Many individuals wear green in celebration of the day. It goes to figure, that Red Sox fans are no different. It is their way of celebrating the day.

St. Louis is a bit different. We still celebrate the day. However, we are made up of a lot of nationalities. Among those being French, Italian, German and African American.

When it comes to baseball, Cardinal fans see it as a quick one day passing fad. True Cardinal fans will still wear the red, white and blue on that day. The true colors of the Redbirds is red and white. They use blue as a border color.

During the regular season, you might find one or two green jerseys or hats being sold, by one of the many vendors.

Fans, from Cardinal Nation, don't take the wearing of green as serious as other cities like Boston. On a personal note, I have never worn any green jerseys or hats on that day. One reason is because the team is in Florida. The game may or may not be televised. Many fans won't even know if the team wore green or not. The only way they might find out is by watching the highlights, of the game on the late night news.

For the fans attending spring training games in Florida, the one day wearing of the green is a nice novelty. They are there to enjoy the sun and the game. The wearing of green is a good way to show their team spirit. They are following in the way of the players.

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Updated Wednesday, Mar 2, 2011