Top Major League Baseball Player Nicknames for 2012

Throughout the course of Major League Baseball history, players have had some of the sports world's best nicknames.

Philadelphia Phillies pitcher Roy Halladay.
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Names like "The Sultan of Swat," "The Big Train," "The Splendid Splinter," "The Iron Horse," "The Say Hey Kid," and "Mr. October," have dotted the baseball landscape since the first ball was thrown from the first mound.

There are plenty of great nicknames for this season as well.

Here is a look at the best player nicknames for the 2012 season in alphabetical order:

John Axford - Milwaukee Brewers - The Ax Man

Sure, it's based on his name, but "The Ax Man" is just an awesome nickname.

Aroldis Chapman - Cincinnati Reds - The Cuban Missile

Based on the Cold War standoff during the Kennedy presidency, it also makes a terrific name for the Cuban-born left-handed power pitcher.

Travis Hafner - Cleveland Indians - Pronk

It's said Hafner's nickname was two nicknames—project and donkey—put together. How that isn't "Pronkey" nobody knows, but it's still a pretty unique nickname.

Roy Halladay - Philadelphia Phillies - Doc

It's a simple play on the legend of Doc Holiday, but also depicts the pitcher's precision on the mound.

Nyjer Morgan - Milwaukee Brewers - Tony Plush

Plush is more alter-ego than nickname, but fans have come to referring to Morgan as Plush—and vice versa. He even gives interviews as the fun-loving, confident Plush.

Dustin Pedroia - Boston Red Sox - The Laser Show

If you even saw the ball come off of Pedroia's bat then you'd know why "The Laser Show" is an well-fitting nickname for the second baseman.

Chris Perez - Cleveland Indians - Pure Rage

If you've seen Perez and his high-90s fastball in action, then you get this nickname.

Jokaim Soria - Kansas City Royals - The Mexicutioner

A great nickname for the Mexican-born Soria, a hard-throwing relief pitcher for the Royals. However, Soria has asked not to be called the name due to violence in his home country. What a shame for multiple reasons.

Shane Victorino - Philadelphia Phillies - The Flyin' Hawaiian

Victorino has a fun nickname from his native state, which fits well with his defensive play and agility on the basepaths.

Ben Zobrist - Tampa Bay Rays - Zorilla

It could be part Zobrist, part gorilla. Or it could be for the Zorilla, a striped polecat, which resembles a skunk. Who cares why? The name is awesome.


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Updated Tuesday, Mar 13, 2012