Sox GM shakes off controversy with Guillen’s son

CHICAGO(AP) —White Sox general manager Ken Williams shook off another Twitter controversy involving manager Ozzie Guillen’s son Wednesday.

The problem involved Guillen’s middle son, Oney, a former White Sox employee, who took exception to Williams’ decision to go to a comedy club in a northwest suburb of Chicago while the White Sox played a doubleheader at Kansas City on Saturday night.

“Wow. Just saw the sox gm coming out of a comedy club in Schaumburg with a female friend. I guess he didn’t c the sox first loss,” Oney Guillen tweeted. “Now u know what I’m talking about. In a pennant race and not even watching the game. Laughing at (Carlos) mencia jokes. Don’t blame him.”

Although Williams takes exception to Guillen’s son, Williams said he still has a good working relationship with the manager.

“I care about the dad,” said Williams. “I don’t think that we were bad. And as we talked in his office, it’s been seven years and this year there have been some things that have tripped us up. But it hadn’t been like he and I. It’s been peripheral things out there, so I don’t know that there really needs to be any great worry or concern that we can’t continue to be effective.”

Oney Guillen had resigned from his job in the scouting department on March 19 after the organization took exception to some of his tweets.

Ozzie Guillen said he can’t control what his son says or tweets.

“Listen, Oney is an American citizen. Oney is 20 I don’t know how old he is 20 whatever. Oney can tweet whatever he wants. Oney’s not part of this organization. Oney is a grown man. Whatever Oney feels about this ballclub is as a fan and people look at him in a different way because he’s my kid,” said Guillen.

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Updated Thursday, Aug 26, 2010