Professional teams least likely to win a championship in the next ten years

Some sports fans have been waiting a long time for a championship. Unfortunately for them, they may be waiting a little bit longer. In many cases, the inability of a team to win a championship comes down to ownership. Either owners or executives are inept, or they are content to make money even if they do not win consistently. Other franchises just seem to have a string of misfortunes that continue to put them on the outside looking in. Here are a few franchises that could easily go another decade without winning a professional championship.

The Chicago Cubs (Last championship: 1908)

It is obviously cliche to put the Cubbies on a list like this, but how do you leave them off? At this point, it doesn't really matter if it is about curses, goats, Steve Bartman, or baseball karma. For some reason, the Cubs just can't get over the hump. Despite large contracts in the last few years for solid players like Soriano, Lee, and Zambrano, the Cubs remain a team that seems destined to fail. No longer do the Cubs have the Red Sox to share long droughts. Now, the Cubs are alone.

The Los Angeles Clippers (Last championship: Never)

Sometimes the Clippers appear to be on the brink of something big. Then, they somehow slip back into obscurity, whether through injury or an unwillingness to sign the big free agents. It is almost as if owner Donald Sterling is content to make solid money in Los Angeles and live in the shadow of the Lakers. The Clips have shown an increased willingness over the last few years to sign some free agents, but conventional wisdom suggests that this team will continue to be the "other" team playing at Staples Center for many years to come.

The Oakland Raiders (Last championship: 1984)

NFL fans of yesterday remember the "greatness" of the Raiders, and some theatrical elements of the image remain today. However, in terms of winning football games, the Raiders franchise seems to have lost touch with modern football. Much of the blame is typically laid at the feet of owner Al Davis, who is rumored to coach from a luxury box. Whether it is poor drafting (JaMarcus Russell) or fist-fights in the coaches room (allegedly), the Raiders seem to be a franchise that is moving backwards.

The Pittsburgh Pirates (Last championship: 1979)

The Pirates have a solid history in Major League Baseball, which includes players like Roberto Clemente and teams like the "We re family" group of the 1970s. Today, the Pirates have a beautiful new stadium and a terrible team. There may be historical pride in Pittsburgh, but the team has an overall payroll that is slightly more than Alex Rodriguez's(notes) salary alone. This is not going to win a championship. Unless the team does some serious free agent signing, they will remain in the basement for many years to come.

The Cleveland Cavaliers (Last championship: Never)

When LeBron James started to assert himself in the NBA, it seemed only a matter of time before the Cavs would win their first championship. Then came the drawn out free agent period which ended with "The Decision." Cleveland may have been a dominant team with King James, but his departure leaves them with a gaping hole that cannot be filled by anyone in the league. The Cavs may quickly spiral into obscurity and stay there for a very long time.

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Updated Tuesday, Sep 28, 2010