As I'm writing this, there is no doubt that the Red Sox locker room is a complete mess. The goggles have been handed out like happy meal toys, and the champagne is no doubt dripping from the ceiling.

What makes these guys so much fun? It's hard to explain, but for months now, baseball fans have been given a regular dosage of Red Sox insanity. 

Forget the playoffs, where even the most hermitted of hermits must have seen Jonathan Papelbon doing the jig. The Red Sox have been a source of comedy all season, whether it's Julian Tavarez petting Manny Ramirez's head, Jerry Remy playing air guitar or the team breaking into the Okajima Dance Party

There's also the team's willingness to let players take prototypical roles for the sake of keeping loose, whether it's Mike Timlin becoming the admiral of a fake pirate ship, Papelbon taking on an alter-ego or Josh Beckett inspiring such fear and respect that he ended up with a new nickname

There's also the fact that they didn't just say they appreciated the fans, they showed it, partying hard with them to the point where this photo gallery is now legendary. Who can't appreciate that? 

Listen, I understand there are people outside New England who wish the Red Sox didn't spend so much money. People who think Boston's fans take things a bit overboard and lose concept of what it's like to have their lives revolve around anything else other than baseball. 

For a minute, though, can we all at least agree that the 2007 Boston Red Sox are a damn fun bunch, whether you're rooting for them or not? That it's tough to dispute it's a team filled with cartoon characters who can be worth a laugh a minute?

Good. Glad we have that settled. Now, back to your regularly scheduled champagne bath. 

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