With a little bit of time to reflect, it's time to repeat something: The Colorado Rockies are a really good baseball team.

First-timers wouldn't have known that watching last night's 13-1 debacle, of course, but the Rockies are still equipped with a deep lineup, good fielding and a stellar bullpen. That counts for something, and as a Red Sox fan, I want to make it clear that I am well aware of it heading into Game 2 tonight.  

I bring this up because scanning the blogosphere this morning, it immediately became clear that we're getting a bit ahead of ourselves. Everyone from Surviving Grady to Basegirl is full of glee, and Barstool Sports even goes so far as to ask if the 2007 Rockies compare favorably with the 1985 New England Patriots (argh!!!), who were D.O.A. for Super Bowl XX.

Listen up, folks. I'll admit it: I went a bit overboard last night in this space celebrating the meat grinder awesomeness of Boston's lineup in Game 1. If that chafed anyone's underpants region ... well, I apologize.  

It's important to note that we have two competing forces at work for the rest of the series: the inexperience of the Rockies starters and history, which says that torching the opposing team in Game 1 of the World Series has no correlation to actually winning the whole enchilada (or is ... taco?).  

In a blog entry this morning, Kevin Youkilis says he doesn't think the Rockies looked rusty -- an interesting observation that makes me think I was watching a different game.  

Still, if Sox fans have their way, things will continue to play out according to plan. Big Curtis Montague Schilling will throw zeros tonight, and the Rockies will return to the land of softball league beer down 2-0. That's not too much to ask, is it?

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