Admittedly, it's difficult for me to write after sustaining a blow like the Colorado Rockies did last night. I couldn't imagine how it must be for the players themselves who are searching for the resolve needed to come back.

The historical precedent of teams getting blown out in the first game of the World Series has to give them some heart. In 1959, the White Sox pounded the Dodgers 11-0 in the first game of the World Series, only to lose four of the next five. More recently, in 1996, the Braves crushed the Yankees 12-1 before also losing in six games. Coincidentally, this was the last World Series win by a team with a rookie shortstop, one Derek Jeter, who happens to be the idol of the Rockies' rookie phenom Troy Tulowitzki.

Tulo was probably the brightest spot of a cold, dark and rainy night, his two doubles a sign that he's ready to break out of the postseason slump. In typical fashion -- both for him and for Josh Beckett -- one was on a first-pitch fastball out over the plate to drive in Garrett Atkins for our only run, and the other came after Beckett fell behind with two balls to start the at-bat.

Here are some takes from a few of my favorite Rockies bloggers, and yes, there are more than one:

•   Bugs and Cranks suggest we're playing a little rope a dope with the Red Sox. I sure hope so.

•   Rox Head hopes the team's embarrassment from last night's performance inspires them. That would be nice too.

•   Dan says to stay calm ...

•   ... while Hilary's just feeling some serious pain. Ouch.

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