Baseball fans far and wide last night were "treated" to Brad Garrett, most famous for his role on Everybody Loves Raymond, taking a turn to introduce the Colorado Rockies lineup. Great. Terrific fun. But did you know Garrett's a huge buzzkill?
According to Inside Track, Garrett says Curt Schilling owes him $4,000 from a Las Vegas poker game, and he took last night as an opportunity to make it known:
"'You write this — I want my money," Garrett told the Track after reading the Colorado Rockies line-up for Fox Sports World Series broadcast.

"You tell Brad that he's the worst poker player," the pitching ace told the Track around the dugout. "But tell him I said hi."

"Willard, who plays a sportscaster in the faux TV news sitcom, put Garrett to shame while reading the Sox and Rockies line-ups.

"Of course, Brad had a whole lot of tricky names on the Rockies to deal with, like Troy Tulowitzki and Kazuo Matsui!

"Why couldn't I do Jacoby Ellsberg as one of my people?" Garrett asked. (Maybe because it's Jacoby Ellsbury and he plays for the Sox?)"

Ellsberg?!?!? Please, please tell me you're joking.

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