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What is it with the state of Texas and people who can't wait to ink their team's achievements before they're clinched? Earlier this week, Shutdown Corner had the man with the Houston Texans Super Bowl champions tattoo and now the Big League Stew inbox receives some Texas Rangers body art that is, well, demonstrably untrue.

Exhibit A: Why you should wait to get a Rangers World Series tattoo

Says our tipster:

My friend had this done before Game 7.  Maybe you can show the world how big of an idiot he is, or just a die hard fan.

Oh, so many thoughts here. Did he have a deposit down on the session before Game 7 and just decided to go ahead with the tattoo in an attempt to reverse the bad juju from Game 6? Did he originally get that NBA Finals tattoo after the Dallas Mavericks took a 2-0 lead in 2006? Does he know that one angry Yahoo! commenter would have quibbled with the "world champs" line even if the Rangers had won because they did not beat a team from Japan? Is he now hoping he can one day change that last "1" to a "4"?

Needless to say, we have a few questions about this gentleman, so we've asked to be put in touch with him. We will report back with any and all responses.

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