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Considering my college years were spent occupying various administration buildings and syncing the third roar of the MGM lion with the start of Dark Side of the Moon, I did not know that Mike Schmidt's face appeared on a billboard during Pink Floyd's The Wall. (See it here at the 6:45 mark.)

Then again, neither did the Philadelphia Phillies Hall of Famer when Enrico Campitelli of The 700 Level asked him about it during a wide-ranging interview that you should take the time to read:  

The 700 Level: You also made a notable soda ad back in the day that ended up appearing in Pink Floyd's 'The Wall'… have you seen that? Anyone ever point that out to you?

Schmidt: No. Don't forget who you're talking to now, I'm 61.

The 700 Level: There's a brief moment where they show a giant billboard with your face on it about 6:00 minutes in promoting a soda brand. I was just curious if you've ever seen that.

Schmidt: No. I may try to find it now I guess.

It's funny: You would think that a 61-year-old guy would be the perfect person to bounce Pink Floyd trivia off. Then again, you probably don't hit 548 career homers by filling your head with useless trivia bits like the one that formed the basis for this easy post.

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