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He isn't ruling out a possible return in 2011, but Pedro Martinez(notes) stated the obvious this week when he said that he's definitely not coming back to pitch for any team this season.   

So now that his October calendar is officially clear, I've been thinking about possible postseason plans for Pedro and only option seems obvious. Executives from Fox and TBS should be falling over themselves to get him on the air for their playoff broadcasts.

I came to this conclusion after watching Pedro as one of the featured interviewees on my review copy of Ken Burns' The 10th Inning.*

However, I think I've always had that thought and I'm sure I'm not the only one. From "Who's Your Daddy?" to last year's entertaining World Series press conferences, Pedro has always had a knack for saying interesting and soundbite-worthy things. He shoots from the proverbial hip, but somehow also has the ability to consider his words carefully before airing a valuable and sometimes humorous opinion. His take would be especially valuable this postseason since he'll have faced many of the batters before.

Admittedly, I've pulled this idea out of nowhere. I have no idea if Pedro wants to do TV work or if the execs have their lineups cemented for this fall. Maybe they think Pedro's quiet voice and Dominican accent won't go over well with the meathead portion of American society. 

But I still think I'm onto something here: Pedro Martinez as the new Joe Garagiola.

Who's with me?

*Expect my review and a Why Is This News? podcast with Burns later this month.  

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