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Yes, I'm perfectly aware that Deadspin ran its own Brewers mustache collage before the 2007 season. But it's Friday afternoon, it's been a long week and if I want to make a Brewers mustache college that features Henke's Army enlistee Jim Gantner four different times, then, dammit, I'm going to go right ahead and make a Brewers mustache collage.

Plus, I'm not just doing it (entirely) for the heck of it. Over on Brewer Fandemonium, there's speculation among Brewers fans that the current team is attempting to stage a mustache contest of its own. 

From the board:

After watching the game tonight ... it dawned on me, the Brewers are doing what any group of 20 something guys with too much time on their hands have done, they are having a mustache contest. Is there any other explanation for Fielder's new manicured look or Hart? ...  I only wish Rickie and Hardy would participate. At this point, I would say (Prince) Fielder or (Jason) Kendall are winning, but I see some potential with (Corey) Hart, he is just too creepy with a stash to be counted out.

I did some quick searching of the current photo archives, but have only found visual evidence of the fuzz that Fielder and Carlos Villanueva are sporting. If you check out the pictures after the jump, I'm sure you'll agree the current team has a ways to go ... Viva Le Gantner!

Current photos from Getty Images 

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