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In the past five years of seeing him around the ballpark, I've come to realize that Joe Torre is probably the coolest 67-year-old on the planet.

And for some reason, finding out he knows how to use an iPhone just cements that belief further. I know people considerably younger than Mr. Torre (and no I'm not just talking about my mother) who'd turn that technology into a paperweight in less than five minutes. 

From Tony Jackson's Inside the Dodgers blog:

About 30 minutes after the game — and after most of the media had been in and out of Torre's office and then in and out of the clubhouse — Dodgers PR assistant Mark Rogoff came into the press box and asked, "Did anyone accidentally pick up an iPhone off Joe Torre's desk?"

No one answered, of course, and the first thought running through my mind was, "Great, some shady person in our midst stole Joe's iPhone, and now he is never going to let us in his office again, and now he is going to have us herded into some interview room after the game every night, and that's going to be a huge pain in the derriere because while I have no idea where that room will be, I'm SURE it won't be near the clubhouse the way his office is."

Well, about five minutes later, Rogoff comes back up and announced that Joe had found the phone on the floor of his office. So everything is fine.

Guess not even Apple has a solution for senior moments.

Anyway, anyone want to venture a few guesses at the different ringtones he has for each of his contacts? Juan Pierre? Frank McCourt? Derek Jeter?

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