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During Sunday's Hall of Fame parade in Cooperstown, 2011 inductee Roberto Alomar asked for a fan's newly bought Toronto Blue Jays retro T-shirt as he rolled by. The fan obliged the former second baseman, telling Deadspin that he was "excited at first."

But as Alomar's car pulled away, he realized he wasn't going to get the shirt back:

"He called me over," [fan Owais] Farooqui [told the website]. "I thought he was just going to shake my hand or give me a high-five. He took the shirt and waved it a little. I thought maybe he would autograph it or something. He just turned and kept going."

Watch it happen:

Despite the best efforts of Farooqui and friend Fiyaz Kanji to retrieve the shirt at the end of the parade route, it has not been returned. Now they  just "want the da** shirt back"  and have appealed toward the Internet for help. The incident was first spotted on DJF.

Now, why the two friends didn't first appeal to Evan Longoria(notes), I have no idea.

Seriously, though, what a bizarre occurrence for both sides. Did Alomar really believe all those fans lined the route to shower him with gifts? And why didn't Farooqui voice his objection a little louder once Alomar didn't immediately return the shirt?

Whatever the case, I think we can all agree that our great country won't be able to move forward until this grave injustice is finally righted.

UPDATE: This statement was posted on

Looks like all's well that ends well.

How funny is the story that was printed regarding Roberto Alomar today! Let me say that Roberto did see the YouTube video, and immediately reached out via e-mail to the young man that owns the T-shirt. Not only will "Kanji" receive his shirt back, but he will also be receiving a few additional items in a personal package directly from Roberto.

Hey, let's face it... Your T-shirt will now be a part historic baseball video footage for life! The parade was awesome. And during the parade, Robbie was given several items by fans...including flags, shirts and banners. You helped honor the Blue Jays during the parade, and Robbie was very proud to represent the team with it...even if it was by mistake!

You will get it back, my friend. Trust me, Robbie has enough Blue Jays shirts! Thank you for continuing to support Roberto Alomar!

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