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You thought the Kate Hudson-Alex Rodriguez(notes) relationship got a lot of tabloid attention in 2009? Welll, Rihanna and Matt Kemp(notes) are going to make that coupling look like mere filler for the back pages of US Weekly if they stay together during the 2010 season.

Kemp, of course, doesn't have a measurable Q rating (yet) or baseball skills that equal A-Rod's, but his new girlfriend is a magnet for the all the many camera lenses in L.A. She'salso a bigger name among the kiddies than either The Bronx Centaur or his ex.

As Aaron Gleeman notes, Kemp is sure having himself a month. He just signed a two-year $11 million deal with the Dodgers and he was just spotted with Rihanna at a Clippers game during the only time when attending a Clippers game is acceptable in Los Angeles.*

Now they just have to make the whole thing Facebook official and Kemp will be poised to have his finest year in a Dodger uniform yet.

*Read: When LeBron is in town 

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