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Uh, the Nationals held their second game at their new stadium on Monday night and drew a whopping 20,487 people, only 48 percent of the park's capacity.

According to Capitol Punishment, that's a modern day low for a new baseball stadium.

The breakdown:

• The Tigers drew 21,405 to their second game at Comerica Park.

• The Indians drew 34,087 to their second game at Jacobs Progressive Field.

• The White Sox drew 36,420 to their second game at New Comiskey Park U.S. Cellular Field.

• The Phillies drew 37,512 to their second game at Citizens Bank Ballpark.

• Every other franchise's second game, dating back to the opening of Toronto's SkyDome, drew more than 39,000 fans.

Now, I'm sure that Washington fans will look for excuses anywhere they can get them.

And I'll allow that there are a few good ones — it was a Monday night, the weather was cold (at least for D.C.), the NCAA title game was on, MLB weirdly scheduled the first and second games more than a week apart, the Marlins were in town, the city is being overrun by Ovechkin-inspired mohawks, etc.

But none of them are all that good for shirking a first look at what everyone said was a really nice park.

So, at the risk of being fired, I'm going to say this is going in Washington's permanent file on how it's not that great of a sports town. Second game? New Stadium? Yeah, you guys gotta show. 

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