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Think the at-bats in a Red Sox-Yankees game drag on too long? Check out this Romeo have the umpire halt his at-bat during an over-35 men's league game in Bloomington, Minn., so he can whip out a diamond on the diamond and pop the question to his girlfriend:

Aw, c'mon, get back in the box already! Oh, we kid. While we still think the serviceman surprising his girlfriend with a homecoming on the Royals dugout is the best baseball proposal this season, it looks like Scott Kloiber had his lineup card filled out pretty nicely for this one. The proposal, complete with a baseball bat canopy formed by his teammates, looked like a hit and fiancee Tina Stibbins admits that she was taken completely by surprise before saying "yes." Perhaps Kloiber's team should make him the new closer?

Big BLS H/N: Mike Fair, who plays in the league and sent this video our way.

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